ozark gold

Golden Delicious type. Sweet, honeyed

with little acidity


Sweet/tart. Crisp, juicy. Eating, canning or desserts. McIntosh type.


McIntosh type apple. Rich flavor and aromatic with very excellent fresh eating quality.


Excellent quality for eating fresh and cooking.

Minnesota 1734

Bronze russet fruit. Hard yellow flesh.

Makes excellent cider


Pleasantly tart. Good for eating, baking

and cider.

Honey Crisp

Firm, crisp, great eating apple.


Creamy yellow, firm with juicy flesh.

Superior quality.


Crisp, fine grained, aromatic with mildly acidic taste. Excellent dessert apple.

Islar rose

Excellent flavor. Eating, pies, and sauce.


Similar to McIntosh. Firm, crisp and high flavor. Dessert apple.


White flesh is crisp, juicy and moderately subacidic. Good all around.


Crisp, sweet, white to yellow flesh. Sweet subacidic flavor. Excellent dessert.

Golden noble

Great culinary value, the creamy white

flesh cooks in a rich flavored frothy puree.

Exceeds most other apples in vitamin C.

Coconut Crunch

Harder apple, with a distinct flavor.

Better stored for awhile. Eating.


Sweet, crispy, juicy, white flesh.

Eating and pies.

Early Cortland

Similar to Cortland but tarter.

Stores well and good all purpose.

Early Granny

Like a Granny Smith. Eating, pies,

sauces and baking.

Our Apples


Good apple for eating, sauce and pies.


     Firm, coarse, juicy white flesh.              Slightly acidic flavor. Cooking and        dessert.

Norton's Melon 

Very good for dessert and eating

POnDerOSA pines Orchard​

Northern spy

Firm, very tender, crisp, juicy yellowish flesh.

Tart, aromatic, subacidic flavor. Excellent all purpose apple. Pies and eating. Not for cider.