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Apples Continued...


Wolf River

Soft and tender for baking, pies and sauces.


Crisp, white flesh. Rich and nutty flavor.


Crisp and juicy flesh. Excellent taste. Eating, baking, pies and sauce.


White flesh with tart flavor.

Washington Strawberry

Firm, yellow flesh is juicy and subacid.

White pippin

Good flavor. Good all purpose apple. Baking, eating, and sauce.

Whitney crab

Sweet, Juicy, yellowish flesh.

William's Pride

Flavor is a blend of tart and sweet.

Swiss gourment

Crisp, sprightly flavor.

Tollman Sweet

Firm, rather hard. Sweet flavor. Baking and cider.

Sweet 16

Aromatic, moderately acidic, firm with high sugar content. Nutty flavored cooking apple. Rates high for pies, sauce and dessert.

Ramsdell sweet

Very  sweet. Tender, juicy, yellow flesh


All purpose. High dessert quality.


A favorite baking and drying apple.

Smoke House

Tender but firm, exceedingly juicy with a fresh cider flavor. Canning, eating and baking.


Sweet with a slight tart balance and rich overtones. Flesh firm to crisp.

Summer Treat

Coarse, cream colored flesh is crisp and sweet.

Prairie Spy

Crisp and juicy with excellent flavor. All purpose Apple


Light to creamy. Firm, juicy and mildly tart. Pies and sauce. All purpose.

Pink Pearl

Pink flesh with rich, sweet and aromatic flavor. Dessert quality.


Tender flesh. Makes great pies. Dessert, canning and cooking.